Well, I am home!!! I spoke the anesthesiologist yesterday and just did not feel comfortable having my gallbladder removed at this time. I am going to wait till I am stronger and in better health before having any kind of surgery. So, after making that decision I was hoping I would be able to go home, but it was around 7 p.m. before all this was done and the nurses did not think the doctor would be in to write all the scripts that I would need to go home. So I figured I would be spending one more night at the hospital and come home today. It was at about a quarter after seven and out of nowhere the doctor appeared. It was like magic. We discussed what the surgeon and anesthesiologist said and then we discussed all the meds I needed to keep me going at home. Earlier in the afternoon my wheelchair, walker and 3-in-1 chair were all delivered to my room so all that was left to do was the nurse needed to complete all the discharge paperwork. At about 8 p.m. we headed out. Unfortunately Tricia had brought the truck because she was coming to pick up all my equipment that was delivered and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get in the truck since it is a bit higher than the car. But I was able get out of my wheelchair and step up and pull myself right in. Luckily the truck has handles all over the place that I could use it was a piece of cake, what progress in 3 and a half weeks.

Once we got home we put me in the wheelchair and rolled me up to the house. When we opened the door Chip came running out and had to take a second to realize what was going on. He had to figure out the wheelchair and who was in it. It was only seconds before he was up in my lap. Tricia wheeled me into the house and then I took control of the chair. It is a bit different rollin’ on the carpet but I was able to get around without a problem. I did find that the interior doors in our house are about a quarter inch wider than my wheelchair and walker, so I have to be real careful when going into any of the bedrooms. Oh, the door to our “toilet room” is to narrow for anything to fit through. So I use the doorknob and wall for support. Showering is not too bad. I took a nice hot shower this morning, and while things where a little tight it was still a nice shower in my own house. I plan on posting a picture on here later of my shower situation. One thing that made it easier is the new hand held shower head that my lovely wife installed all on her own before I came home from the hospital. It was such a great shower and I will be glad to be able to take shower whenever I want, well as long as I have someone around to make sure I don’t fall.

Sleeping last night went great! I was in my own bed and lying next to my wife with my dog at my feet. I slept great and Tricia even set an alarm to make sure I get the meds that I need at 6 a.m., because if anybody knows me they know I would not be awake at 6 a.m. on my own. We finally got up and moving around 10 a.m. and that is when I got my shower and ate breakfast. After Tricia was done getting ready for the day we headed out and I got a hair cut. It was not bad. I took the walker since the place we go is in a strip mall and parking is only a few steps from the door. After my hair cut we stopped by Walgreens to get a Diet Dew! After we got home I took a seat on the couch, just to make sure I didn’t overdo it. Tricia went to the store to get some things we need for the house and the kids went out to play. I had to promise not to get up or do anything stupid. So, here I sit typing away…

2 thoughts on “Home…

  1. I am so glad you are home ad doing so well! I know Trish and the kids are ecstatic and Chipper Dog was probably just so happy to have his daddy home!!

    Love you bro!

  2. YAY!!!

    So glad to hear you’re home!!!

    Keep up the good work – but remember not to overdo it either!

    miss yall.


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