On the road again…

Once again it has been way to long between my writings. But it just would not be me if that was not the case. People the know me know that I am not a reader or a writer, but at times there are things we feel we just have to do, and this is one of those things in my life right now. It has been so long since I wrote last I’m not quite sure what to write about. I guess the best thing to do is cover the basics and to do so without writing a book.
I guess I will start by saying I am walking without any assistance at all and to top it off I am driving! God is good! I do still have numbness and tingling in my feet and that is probably the biggest issue I still have. While I consider that the biggest issue I also have muscle tenderness all over and some balance issues, but nothing that will stop me from doing day to day life. Another issue that I am dealing with is numbness in my left arm and hand, it is a nerve issue. I feel it pretty good in the morning and later at night for the most part, and oddly it almost kept me from typing this entry tonight. In addition to morning and night I often experience the numbness when I am working out during physical therapy, but there I have my therapist there to help work it out. Well, when you get right down to it I guess that is about all that is still wrong. Well, I guess one other thing is that I do get fatigued rather quickly, but that is also getting better as time goes by.

I have been working from home ever since I left the hospital (actually I was working even when I was in the hospital) and over the last couple weeks I have been going to clients and today I went into the office for a few hours. We are getting pretty busy at work and I am playing a decent sized role in what is going on, so the sooner I can get back into the swing of things the better.

I guess that is a good summary of where things are right now. I could write more personal feelings and specific things I have done but I could probably fill pages if I did that, and I am just not up for that right now. I guess that will be motivation for me to write here a bit more often. My left hand is bothering me pretty good right now, so I am going to sign off… night all…


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