Just a little note and update…

I did not mention that the pictures of the wheelchair were taken in pitch black room. I focused the camera in the light, then turned out all the lights and used a flashlight to light the spots I wanted lit. I took several shots to get the look I was looking for and I plan to use this process to do the rest of the series. I hope to have another picture or two in the next several days.

I also just signed up for SoFoBoMo which stands for Solo Photo Book Month. You take photos in a 31 day period between May 1 and Jun 30 and make a book out of them. I have been wanting to do a book that is “a day in the life” all taken in macro form. So they will all be very up close shots of things that are part of my everyday life. Now I have to buy my lens that I have been wanting! Can’t take macro shots without a macro lens.

I have been doing well this past week. I had my last day of PT on Friday and now I am waiting to be set up with another therapist that is a personal trainer and nutritionist. That should be fun. I have a feeling I will hear something about no Oreos, but do I have news for him!!! I have been having issues with my left arm, it has been numb. I had some pretty good pains in it this afternoon, but this morning I was able to trim bushes and do yard work. So, I guess some pain and numbness could be expected. Well, tomorrow I have a meeting with a potential new client and then I will spend the rest of the day at the office. On Friday we looked at some new office space. We are looking to expand a bit, just don’t want anything too big and to much $$, just don’t know what is going to happen with all the economic “stuff” going on right now. My plan is to stay as healthy as I can and do my job and in my free time have fun with my hobby. And all along the way thank God for what he has given me and take care of it the best way I know how.

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