Truly Glorious…

One of my shots of the river
One of my shots of the river

I was hoping I was going to be able to write this yesterday but I was done by the time we got home.  The boys and I went to the Salt River for fishing and photography.  B really likes to fish and D decided he would go along and fish as well.  I just wanted to take a few pictures and see what the area was like.  We found ourselves confronted with many steep sandy hills that just seemed to force lots of slipping and sliding.  When trying to get down to help B one time I slipped and ended up with a foot in the water.  So after that D slipped and ended up in the water up to his back side.  Lucky for him his phone did not get wet.  Oh, did I mention that he was in jeans?  Yes at 100 degrees he usually wears jeans.  Somethin’ about that boy just ain’t right!  Well, that ended his fishing for a bit and he headed out for a walk.  Oh, before he took off a 3+ foot snake crossed our path, about a foot from D and 3 feet from me.  D jumped, I tried to get my camera to my face as quickly as possible.  It was COOL!  I had to call D on his phone to get him to come back from his walk; he was having a blast climbing around on the rocks.  We left from one part of the river and drove to another section.  This section was more open and easier to get to the water.  D wanted to go walking and B sat on the rocks to fish.  So, with camera in hand D and I went for a walk.  It was beautiful!  We found ourselves walking right up against the big rocks, ducking and squeezing thru a couple tight spots.  We did come across another photography that was taking pictures of a gal in a belly dancing outfit with big gold wings, it was very interesting.  Anyway I am writing this for two reasons, one to share with you what a beautiful day it was and what fun we had and two to tell you that I walked, hiked even, for at least a couple hours.  For those that don’t remember, I was paralyzed in January and now I am hiking in the hills of Arizona!!! All I can say is God is good, all the time God is good!!!!

Saved by the blood,



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