CT reading, NOT!

There were so many things that happen today and yet so many things that did not. Life these days is like a rollercoaster that everyone is screaming to get off only 5 seconds after the wild ride begins. If you know anything about what has been happening lately you know my ticker is not ticking quite right and today was supposed to be the day of the “big news” from the cardiologist. Well, after sitting in the little room, you know that one were it seems like an eternity. The one where you get up and look at all the little diagrams on the wall, you know the ones that try to show you how your heart works and no matter how hard you try you just can’t figure out how the darn thing works. That little room where you want to start going through the drawers and play with all the “doctor” stuff, I didn’t do that this time. The room where I took the little plastic heart apart and was even more confused than I was after looking at the rather scary poster on the wall. Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, I was waiting for the doctor to tell me when they were going to need to go in and rip my chest open and cut my heart apart and overhaul it and then give me a cool little zipper so everyone can see that someone went in and played with my inards. Well, that was not the case. Instead he came in and said everything was normal! Yes you heard me correct, he said everything was normal. That was according to the report from my CT. He then however followed that up with, “They must have read it wrong because we know you have Marfan from the echo.” So, he is going to go and talk with the radiologist that read the CT and take a look at it himself and do the needed measurements himself. So, what does this mean? It means I get to go back on Monday and find out the real results. So, we will find out more next week.

Now for the house. We have not signed papers yet and we must be out of this house on Monday. Did I mention that is the same day I get to find out about how “good” my heart is doing? There seems to be a new thing every couple hours with this house. If it is not one thing it seems to be another. Just when we think everything is taken care of and we are waiting for the phone call that says, “Please come sign the papers for your house,” yet another thing comes up. Why must everything be so difficult? I could go on and on and I have so many different thoughts running through my head. I just don’t understand why things must be so difficult. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and the Lord has a plan, I just wish he would provide more insight at time. But we must put our faith in Him and know that He is God.

Saved by the blood,

2 thoughts on “CT reading, NOT!

  1. Hey there – Maybe he did read the CT correct….maybe it was God’s plan to heal you…..I know God does heal because He healed me 🙂

    Your SIC

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