Enough is Enough

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

It has been 8 months since I got out of the hospital and there are pains that are still hanging around and a few medications that are ingested daily to help reduce the discomfort I feel.  Up until yesterday one of those meds was Morphine, which has lived in my pocket, so it was never more than an arms reach away, for the last 8 months.  Well yesterday I decided that I have had enough.  I have reduced my intake to as little as I could possibly take and finally decided that enough was enough.

Today has been uncomfortable.  My feet, legs, hands and arms all have a stinging/burning type pain that seems to want to stay around.  My bones ache a bit as well and while the Morphine helps with these pains I simply don’t want to keep putting it in my body, it can’t be good for me.  These pains are not so bad that I can’t survive with them, however they are rather distracting.  I pray that I don’t give in to the discomfort, but as I type this the feeling grows stronger.  I know in my mind that by taking a simple little half a pill my pains will go and I can continue on with live a little more comfortably.

I realize I may feel this way for the rest of my life, but I continue to remind myself it has only been 8 months since I was paralyzed, laying in a hospital bed able to do much of nothing for myself.  While in some situations 8 months seems like forever, in reality it really is a very short time.  Please pray that I will find the strength to continue on with little to no pain and that the healing will continue as the days go by…

Saved by the blood,


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