Miss read

So, the Air1 verse of the day yesterday was Proverbs 26:20 and I read it as follows:

 Fire goes out without wood, and squirrels disappear when gossip stops.

 Please understand I did this like six times and I finally had to put my curser on the screen because this just couldn’t be correct.  I finally read it correctly and it was quarrels, not squirrels.  That makes so much more sence….

2 thoughts on “Miss read

  1. I found your blog through Jennies and wanted to connect with other who are dealing with GBS. I was diagnosed on October 1 (2009). I was in the hospital for 5 days and had 2 IVig drips. I am home now but still weak and tired. For the most part I can function with a bit of assistance. I laughed when I read about “channel changing” because I currently have a system of a chopstick taped to a book that changes the channels for me! Just typing this is challenging! Anyway I wanted to say hello and thank you for the encouraging blogs. Many prayers your way!

    1. Kirsten,
      Thank you for your comment. I would be interested in hearing more of your story. I have not hear from anyone with such a short stay in the hospital. I understand the typing being a challenge. It is a big part of my job and I got back to it as soon as I could, laying in my hospital bed… My hands still cramp a bit after a long day of work. Anyway I would be interested in hearing more and you will be in my prayers!
      Saved by the blood,

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