Health Update

Well, I have a few ideas to blog about and while I want to pound them all out right now I think it would be too much for one post.  So, I may write them all now and spread them out over a few posts and just put them out here over the next few days.

The first one I think is going to be a bit of a health update.  Things are going well.  I still have numb toes, but there is about 50% feeling.  Some is better than none I guess, right?  I still get the achy feeling in my bones after a long day and my joints scream at me as well.  Today is one of those rather odd days here in AZ, it is rainy and “chilly” (that is if you can really call 65 degrees chilly.)  I have that arthritis ache during weather like this and I hate it.  It is one of those pains that just don’t go away and your mind just keeps coming back to it.  Something I get to live with forever so I guess I will learn to deal.

On another good note I stopped taking the Morphine and I did it “cold turkey”.  While that was not the easiest thing to do I did have a little help.  I didn’t just stop taking pain meds all together and I’m not sure how much better the new med is for me.  I am now on Tramadol.  When I take one pill it takes care of mild pains, but when things get pretty uncomfortable I take two, and that is how the script is written, take 1 or 2 as needed.  When I take two I get a “funny” feeling in my head, in fact I am feeling it at this very moment, so I hope this post makes sense.

I still have a rougher time in the morning and if I have a long day I am beat early in the evening.  I do still find myself getting quite winded when going up step, however it doesn’t really hit until I get to the top and all the sudden I find myself needing to take a seat for a minute or two.  But other than that things are going rather well.  I am a lot further along than I thought I would be at this point.  It was 10.5 months ago that I was lying in a hospital bed, paralyzed and not knowing what was happening to me, and today if you looked at me you would never know.

God is good!

Saved by the blood,



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