Overdue Update

Hello world, more importantly hello to those that are reading this.  It looks like I will start this off the same way I have started may of my previous post, and that is with a comment about how long it has been since I last posted.  I truly never plan on a large gap between posts, but it seems inevitable.  But here we are once again.

First, and probably the reason that most of you that read this are here, my health.  If you saw me walking down the street you would never guess that I am a GBS survivor, and that is a blessing, trust me.  There are days that I have a bit of a limp or some other oddity to my walk from either soar knees or pain in my feet, but those days are not as often as they once were.  I am still on Tramadol for the pain that I still have, but thanks to the good Lord that is all that I am taking on a regular basis.  I am taking Aleve every once and a while, but not every day like I was before.  I still tire quickly, and stairs can take me down quick.  Too much time in the heat can really kick my butt at well, but I guess that isn’t too much out of the norm especially when you live in the desert.

There is not really any news in the area of the Marfan Syndrome.  I am doing my best not to do things that would strain the heart and I am coming up due for a visit to the Cardiologist in the not too distant future.  I must say that it saddens me a bit to have to say that when we head to Disneyland I will be keeping an eye out for all the signs that warn folks with heart conditions that the ride could be “hazardous to your health”.  Guess that is the nice way of saying, “If you ride this ride you could die.  So don’t say we didn’t warn ya!”

Our church is starting a new campus and this time I will be working with the toddlers.  We had our “soft opening” today and it went pretty well, but sure did tire me out.  I truly enjoy working with all the kids.  They are such great little people of God, can’t wait to work with them each and every week.  Please keep us in your prayers, our church, the workers and the town of Queen Creek.

The family is well.  The kids are playing Football, Soccer and getting ready for the coming Cross Country season.  Tricia is still doing school and deep down lovin’ it, although it can get a bit stressful at times, but she is doing great and has outstanding grades.  As for me, work is good.  I have quite a few projects that are “on the bubble” so to speak.  All I am waiting for are the right people to say the job is a go, and if they all say it at the same time I will have a nice little, or not so little, backlog of work waiting on me.

Finally, my aunt recently had several of her photos posted on an online gallery and when I “liked” their page on Facebook I too got invited to share my photos.  I am in the process of working with the host to determine what photos will be posted.  It looks like they will all be black and whites.  I have not been taking pics as much as I would like, but I did take a few macro shots of Tricia’s Birthday Lilies I bought her.  Maybe I will add them to my Flicker site and share them with the world soon… (they’re on Facebook but for those of you how don’t “Facebook” I will put them out of Flicker along with some more of my other works soon…)

Well, that will be it for now.  As always I will try to write more soon, but please don’t hold your breath in anticipation, I would hate to be responsible for the loss…

Saved by the blood,


One thought on “Overdue Update

  1. Hi Donovan,
    It was great to get an update on your health. You have been through a lot, but it seems like you are beating the odds. That is great. Our son-in-law was just diagnosed with a melanoma in his colon. It is very rare and very serious. He will have a PET Scan tomorrow that will determine if any treatment is available that will help him.He is 52 and very scared and needs prayers.
    Maybe he will be able to beat the odds, I sure hope so. Take care and know I think of you often and keep you in my prayers.

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