We went to Disneyland!

Mickey MouseWell, it has been a busy October so far!  I have spent most of the month thus far in Los Angeles, California.  The first Monday of the month I attended an Intuit Solution Provider Conference that went from Monday thru Thursday.  We got out of town at about 11 in the morning and arrived in LA about 6 hours later and the conference started at 7 that evening.  We left a couple hours before the conference officially ended, but I had a football game to get too and Dad had my sister’s concert to attend.  So, once we got into town I got into the car and drove straight to the game and finally made it home about 8:30 that night.  I used Friday as a day of recovery, but spent most of the afternoon and early evening working from home.  Then went to the varsity football game to see Allison do a color guard performance at the game; they did very good for the amount of practice they had.

We did our normal weekend stuff and then on Monday morning it was back in the car for another drive to LA with the family this time for our trip to Disneyland!  We arrived a little after 3 p.m. and after we got settled we headed over to Downtown Disney for dinner and shopping; this is when the pin collecting started.  The only souvenirs that came home where hats for all and a lanyard full of collector pins around everyone’s necks.  We had a good trip overall.  There were only a couple things that we didn’t do that we would have liked.

The days were long and included a lot of walking!  Tricia tried to get me to get a wheelchair, or electric scooter, but I refused to because I was taking pictures and it would have only slowed me down more.  It is hard to believe that less than two years ago I was lying in a hospital bed about 75% paralyzed.  I did have a lot of back, hip, leg and foot pain, but Tramadol, muscle relaxers and a good night’s sleep helped me make it another day.  I didn’t get up until after noon on Saturday and even after I got up I found myself lying on the couch for most of the afternoon and evening.  I was able to make it church this morning and work with the toddlers, but my knees are letting me hear about it.

I did take 1,100 pictures on our trip.  They are not all good quality and there are several duplicates as “just in case shots”, but overall I am happy with the results.  I will be adding the shots that “make the cut” to my Flickr page later.  I will add another post once they are up…

Overall I am doing well.  My body is still not the same as it was before GBS and I don’t think it ever will be, but I am able to do many of the things I did two years ago I just don’t have the same level of endurance.  I only rode a couple rides during our trip to Disneyland, but that was because of the heart condition (thanks to Marfan Syndrome) and had nothing to do with GBS.

Thanks for reading this far and check back for Disneyland pics soon…

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