Happy Birthday to Me

Hello all, figured today was as good a day than any to write a post.  First of all thank you to everyone that has sent me well wishes on my birthday.  I spent some extra time in the car today and as usual spent the time thinking.  Since I knew how I was going to solve my clients issues I didn’t need to think about that so I spend some time pondering other things, let’s see what all I can remember.

Most of my thoughts as you may have guessed were focused on birthdays and getting older.  Why is it that as we get older we don’t have parties like the ones we had when we were kids?  You know the ones where you played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and games with balloons and anything else you could come up with.  I guess there are some folks that still do this, but from what I can tell it isn’t the norm.  As we get older and don’t have these cool parties anymore we also don’t get all the cool gifts either.  Back in the day it would be the numerous decks of UNO cards, action figures, matchbox cars and all those other great toys we used to get.  Today it would be airsoft guns, video games and gift cards.  Just ‘cause  I’m 37 doesn’t mean I couldn’t use gift cards ranging from$5 to $50.  In fact I think I need them more now than I did when I was 12.  At this age I have to spend money on my mortgage, utilities, food, gas for two cars and lord knows what else, so yes a few gift cards could really come in handy to get those things I would really “like” to spend my money on.  Please don’t get me wrong, it is great to see all those out there that call me their friend and publically wish me a Happy Birthday on Facebook, but it seems each year the actual cards with checks and cash (remember the $1 per year) dramatically reduce and before you know it they stop all together.  What’s that all about?

I really don’t expect any of this to change, why should it? But these are the gee-whiz things I was thinking about as I drove across town today.  Other than these random thoughts on life my day was not all that eventful.  I went to see a client and helped solve a few of their problems and they bought me lunch (gotta love it when that happens).  Then it was back to the office where I finished out my day.  Then I headed home and we went out to eat a birthday dinner.  It was a really good meal and we had a good time. Then it was back home to watch the new episode of House, followed by Oreo ice cream cake. 

I had a couple hours where I didn’t feel “right” (as I do many days), ‘cause I forgot to take my meds on time, ‘cause I was working on stuff and lost track of time.  That happens more often than I would like, but even if I set a reminder there are still times I forget to take the darn pills, ‘cause I just turn it off and say I’ll take them as soon as I’m done working on the “thing” I’m currently working on.

Well, that kind of leads us into my GBS recovery.  Things are still going well.  My feet still bother me from time to time (and this is one of those times).  My toes tingle and there is a stabbing pain every now and then, rather annoying If I may say so myself.  This is the main pain issue I have.  I don’t feel all that great in the mornings and most mornings are started by me waking up 45 minutes, to an hour, before I have to get up so I can take my Tramadol.  This allows time for the meds to kick in and I can get up and feel much better than if I just woke up and tried to get going without them.  Other than that I still tier rather quickly, but again that is something I figure I am going to have to live with.

I am very pleased with my recovery.  I have met (virtually) people that have it much worse than I do.  I wish I could make it better for others, but we are all different and our bodies all work in different ways.   This thing they call GBS is an odd and evil creature.  The “professionals” seem to know next to nothing about it and they don’t seem to believe those of us that have it when we try to explain what we feel and what we can and can’t do.  It’s a real bummer!  There are times that I feel guilty for the amount I have recovered and to know that I had insurance when I got sick so my cost was not all that much.  There are so many people that have been recovering as long as me, or longer, and they still can’t feel their legs, or move their arms or even walk.  There are so many out there that GBS has ruined their lives financially, which leads to a ruined life all around.  Why did I get so “lucky”.

Well, I didn’t mean for this to turn into such a chipper post, but it just kind of flowed that way.  I hate when I have time to think without problems to solve…


One thought on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. my dear friend, I am just happy that you are still here to have birthdays!!!!

    and (being a few years older than you) I can sympathize on the lack of gifts as we age! LoL Usually I get phone calls, a dinner and 1-2 cards (and I have a huge extended family)…

    this last year was a special exception as I got a baby granddaughter as a present (well, labor on b-day – delivery next day).. And then a Camaro.

    I’m beginning to thing it’s like the car wash as you get older… After you pay for so many..you get a great bonus one.

    great theory, but that means this will be a dry summer! 😛

    love you and miss your smiling face at work! (well, smiling when you wern’t quiting LOL)

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