A Guillain-Barré Survivors Interview

Below is what I like to call A Guillain-Barré Survivors Interview.  This started one evening in the GBS Survivors! Facebook Group as a simple thought.  The goal of this “interview” is to help Survivors share their story.  There are some out there that want to share their story but they don’t know how.  There are some out there that have shared but they’re all over “the net”.  The goal here is to bring the stories together.

If you are a Survivor please fill out the interview to the best of your ability.  If you are unable to answer any questions that’s fine, answer only the questions you feel comfortable, or are capable of, answering.   Please be as long, or as brief, as you would like with your answers.  It not about how much you provide it’s about the story and sharing it with others so they can learn what GBS is all about.

As I begin to receive completed interviews I will combine them into a single document and once I get a large enough collection I will create an “eBook” in the form of a PDF and share it with everyone I can.   I will create additional volumes as I continue to receive interviews.

Please share this with any GBS Survivor you know.  When you are done please send it to me as a message via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/thesachsman) or email me at GBSInterview@gmail.com.

Feel free to add pictures if you’d like.  I will do my best to include them.

A Guillain-Barré Survivors Interview


Date your symptoms started:

Date officially diagnosed:

What were your symptoms?

Explain what it took to get properly diagnosed:

What event led to your contracting GBS? (Flu shot, illness, surgery, etc.)

How were you treated once diagnosed?

How bad did your condition deteriorate?  Were you paralyzed and if so to what extent?

How long were you hospitalized?

What has been the impact on your employment?

How has GBS affected you financially?  Did you have insurance?

When you were you discharged from the hospital what was your condition, your mobility, and were you in need of any assistive devices?

What kind of therapy did you receive?

How knowledgeable about GBS where the medical professionals that you came into contact with?

What is your current medical status? How much have you recovered?  What is the prognosis for your further recovery?

How has your daily routine changed since being diagnosed with GBS?

What medications do you continue to take and what are they for?

Are you receiving disability of any kind?  How difficult was the process?

Throughout your journey with GBS how have you been affected emotionally?  Have you been treated for depression or anxiety as a result of your illness or recovery?

What affects has GBS had on your family and friends?

How have those in you community helped you in your time of need? (neighbors, church family, etc)

Does GBS or any other autoimmune illness tend to run in your family?

What other disorders, syndromes or disabilities do you have?

If you could share anything about your journey with GBS what would it be?

Do you have a place where you share your story? (Blog, website, Facebook page, etc.)


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