Adding a beta blocker

Well folks once again it has been way to long between posts and this time it was a ridiculously long time. Overall thing have been going quite well. Lately my feet and hands have been bothering me, especially at night. For example we ended up helping at the thanksgiving eve service last month. Well actually we helped between services with the coffee, hot chocolate and cookie tables. It was a rather fast moving job and only lasted about 45 minutes but I was beat. My knees were killin’ me along with my feet and hands. But it was good to help where there was a need and the kids were right there working with us. A good time was had by all.

Now for more of a health update… I went and saw the cardiovascular surgeon the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I took a disk with my latest CT on it so he could compare it to the one from 2009. Then while I was there they did an echocardiogram to compare to the one they did 6 months ago. The good news is all is well and there is no change to the size of my aorta! The not so great new is I get to start a beta blocked, metoprolol er succinct 25mg, to be exact. My heart rate and blood pressure are not high, but they are the higher end of “normal”. So as a precaution the doc thinks we could do this. With the issue I have he thinks that anything to keep my heart rate down and my blood pressure lower would be best. So we are going to give this a shot. Anything to help keep them from having to go in and play with my heart is worth a shot to me!!


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