Chandler Car Show 2012


Chandler Car Show 2012, a set on Flickr.

Hello all! It has been some time as usual between posts and this time all I really wanted to do was share with you what I did this past weekend.

One way to put it is that I did about 200+ squats, and that would sound like I had one heck of a workout. While this wouldn’t be a lie it wouldn’t be the total truth. What I did do was visit the Chandler Car Show and took 462 pics, and since I like to be at “eye” level with my subject I was up and down off the ground many, many times.

I will admit that I had a very hard time walking for the next two days. Today was a bit better but I can still “feel the burn” so to speak. Needless to say I could use such a event every weekend and I might just be “in shape”…

Well, I just wanted to share my pics with you and hope y’all enjoy!


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