Time and my 4th Anniversary

Well, I’m not one that is really good with the whole concept of time in regards to how long ago something happen.  I have a hard time telling you if something happen a day, a week, a month or a year ago. Today is the 4th anniversary of when my GBS symptoms first started. It really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago at all. It doesn’t feel like it was yesterday but it sure doesn’t feel like 4 years. Especially when I think of it in comparison to when I got out of the Air Force which was about 4 years and 3 months ago.  That seems like it was so long ago yet it was not much longer than my on set of GBS. It just all feels so odd.

Well, like I said it was 4 years ago today it all started. I am very thankful that I have recovered as much as I have, I know there are many more survivors that have it much worse that I do. I still have some issues with feeling in my feet, nothing earth shattering, but still not 100%. I also have the issue of exhaustion, I often tire very quickly and when I don’t take my Tramadol I have some unpleasant pain. This added to my other issues with degenerative arthritis, Marfanoid type issues and such, some days can be quite unpleasant. But again I am thankful that I am overall okay.

I often try to think back to what all went on during this week 4 years ago, my time in the hospital and the time right after, and it’s all rather fuzzy. Not sure if this is typical with GBS survivors but it can be rather frustrating at times. This time of year I really think about these things and it brings back both good and bad feelings. Again there are many blank spots in the old memory bank and that can be rough. I stop and try to think of what happen during the week leading up to my going into the hospital and there are things I just can’t remember and the same goes for the first week and a half in the hospital. Not sure if it because of all the “good” medication I was on or what but whatever it is it’s frustrating.

Well, I don’t have some huge life changing post going on here but just wanted to post something on this 4th anniversary of my first symptoms of the old’ GBS…

Saved by the blood,


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