Catch You Up

Well, it is nothing new that it has been forever and a day since I last posted so there should be no big surprises there.  As I sit here and think about it there has been quite a bit that has happen around here.  I can’t think of a ton that has happen with me specifically but there sure are things that have happen with the kids.

In no specific order some of these things are:

  • D has joined the Army.  He has to finish high school but he does have a date for reporting to basic and has sworn in so he is official.
  • B and his band won the talent show this year for the band category.
  • D and A had their first Drill meet of the year and while they had no great expectations the team came away with 8 trophies, including the Grand Champion Trophy
  • On the same day D and A had their awesome drill meet B was on the last day of a two day Academic Decathlon and he placed 3rd in the Varsity Speech category (out of 81 students).  Not bad for someone who doesn’t like school, hey?
  • B and I went and saw Ozzy, well Black Sabbath actually.

I’m sure there is more I could add but that would require me to think harder than I am willing or able to at the moment.  There is one last thing that I have to mention and that is A and I will be performing at the Arizona Renaissance Festival next year in February and March. A is a handmaiden named Sarah Burnell and I am a Royal Guard, Sir Charles Kemp of Warwick. This will be something new for both of us and there is lots of work to go along with it.  One would think you just get yourself a costume and interact with those at the fair.  Oh, one would be sooo wrong.  We are going to workshops on Wednesday nights and we are learning the proper vocab of the day as well as history and all kinds of other things.  There is a lot to it but it is fun.  The clothing is by no means something you are going to find at a costume shop.  Sketches must be approved as well as swatches for the fabric you would like to us. There are very strict guidelines and that just makes the experience for those that visit the fair all the better.  A is the handmaiden for the lady in charge of costume approval and she has a dress that A can use and that is a big help financially for A.  Me on the other had, I have to get my complete outfit.  I will be wearing tights, shirt, doublet and boots. There will also be a cod piece and hat involved.

One of the things I need to work on is vocabulary and one of the ways one can do that is to write.  I also have to work on character development, meaning I have to create a second personality so to speak.  We have a 6 page packet with a bunch of questions on it to help us out and I am thinking of writing here on my blog as a way to practice my vocabulary and make it a diary of such.  So, if you start seeing some “odd” posts that are signed by Sir Charles that is why.  My guess is you will see more about Sir Charles than about me…

Until later


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