SoFoBoMo is short for Solo Photo Book Month – a group event where a bunch of photographers all make solo photo books start to finish, in 31 days, at more or less the same time. It’s modeled loosely on NaNoWriMo, where participating writers all write novels in a month, and NaSoAlMo, where musicians write and record solo albums in a month.

I learned of this event after I returned home from my stay in the hospital and decided that it was something I wanted to attempt to do.  I have talked about making a book of macro photos for quite some time now and the main thing holding me back was the lack of a macro lens.  Well, I have been saving my money (birthday and Christmas gifts) for some time now and I finally decided to buy my lens.  So, today I started taking pictures and my book is in the process of being created.  I am not sure if I will actually print a copy or not, but I would like to make the pages.  I plan on posting a slide show on here once everything is complete.

Please think about doing something such as this if you are a writer, singer/songwriter or photographer.  And if there is not an event like this for what it is you do then make one up.  It is so much fun and it can make you think more about what it is you do and you may be suprised with the end results.  Get up, get out and have some fun!

Here is a sample of one of my pics for the book…

And here is the book…

He Lives!
He Lives!

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