Adding a beta blocker

Well folks once again it has been way to long between posts and this time it was a ridiculously long time. Overall thing have been going quite well. Lately my feet and hands have been bothering me, especially at night. For example we ended up helping at the thanksgiving eve service last month. Well actually … More Adding a beta blocker


CT reading, NOT!

There were so many things that happen today and yet so many things that did not. Life these days is like a rollercoaster that everyone is screaming to get off only 5 seconds after the wild ride begins. If you know anything about what has been happening lately you know my ticker is not ticking … More CT reading, NOT!

Health Update

Time does sure seem to fly buy.  I have been wanting to post something for a week now and just have not had the energy to do so.  I have not really had anything fantastic to write about but I have had a couple things dash through my head that I thought would make a … More Health Update


Well, I am home!!! I spoke the anesthesiologist yesterday and just did not feel comfortable having my gallbladder removed at this time. I am going to wait till I am stronger and in better health before having any kind of surgery. So, after making that decision I was hoping I would be able to go … More Home…


This is going to be a quick update; I just want to let everyone know what is going on. I will either be going home tomorrow or I will be admitted to another part of the hospital to have my gallbladder removed. I had an MRI done last week and they saw some issues in … More Home?