Update – Most about meds

Hello all… Well, it is nothing new that my last post was forever ago, but as I was posting a bit of an update on Facebook last night I thought it would be good to post something out here.  Overall things are going well.  After about 3.5 years from the onset of GBS and my … More Update – Most about meds


Adding a beta blocker

Well folks once again it has been way to long between posts and this time it was a ridiculously long time. Overall thing have been going quite well. Lately my feet and hands have been bothering me, especially at night. For example we ended up helping at the thanksgiving eve service last month. Well actually … More Adding a beta blocker

Hello all

Hello all!  Well, it is GBS/CIPD Awareness Month, and while those of us “blessed” enough to have acquired the disease are well aware of what it truly is, there are doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and most of the general public that have no clue to what it is.  So, for those of us that … More Hello all

Health Update

Well, I have a few ideas to blog about and while I want to pound them all out right now I think it would be too much for one post.  So, I may write them all now and spread them out over a few posts and just put them out here over the next few … More Health Update

Enough is Enough

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 It has been 8 months since I got out of the hospital and there are pains that are still hanging around and a few medications that are ingested daily to help reduce the discomfort I feel.  Up until yesterday one of those meds … More Enough is Enough

Eating "Right"

Things have been pretty much the same as of late. I have not had any major breakthroughs or setbacks. I have just been. I have been working full time or at least close to it and my days have been I guess what one would call “normal”. Last week I started back up with physical … More Eating "Right"