Overdue Update

Hello world, more importantly hello to those that are reading this.  It looks like I will start this off the same way I have started may of my previous post, and that is with a comment about how long it has been since I last posted.  I truly never plan on a large gap between … More Overdue Update

My SoFoBoMo Book

Well, I finally finished my book and with no time to spare.  Take and look and let me know what you think.  I had to cut the quality a bit to fit the file size requirements but the big thing that lost quality was the text on the cover page.  My Book – a day … More My SoFoBoMo Book

Truly Glorious…

I was hoping I was going to be able to write this yesterday but I was done by the time we got home.  The boys and I went to the Salt River for fishing and photography.  B really likes to fish and D decided he would go along and fish as well.  I just wanted … More Truly Glorious…


Here is a shot that I took last summer and really like the way it turned out.  If you would like a print please contact me and I will be happy to work with you.  Remember that God makes everything glorious and He made you!


Well I have learned that I am not able to embed the Flash slideshows from Flickr into my blog posts so I have added links to my Flickr site on my ‘My Photography‘ page.  I hope to add more links as I get me photos put together and post on Flickr. Enjoy!